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Hotel Sokolets

Hotel Sokolets, mountain resort Borovets, Bulgaria.

Facades decision: Monblan desing.

Hotel White Lagoon

Hotel White Lagoon located in "White lagoon" site, Topola village, region of Kavarna.

Facades decision and decorative elements: Monblan design

Sport complex, Franceville, Gabon

Conceptual stage of sport complex. The design ordered by french company BAYTO. The complex was developed by using modules metal construction.

Business center

Visualization of business building near to railway station, "Tzaribrod" str., Varna city - arch. Jacklin Mitova

Design of detachable modular office

Conceptual architectural design of detachable modular office in Paris for headquarter of french company BAYTO.

Cubic with dimension 6 m. The aim is, after a certain period of time to move the office to another location. There are thermopanels on two of the facades.

Design: Monblan design

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