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Ethnographic tourist complex

Ethnographic tourist complex, Kiulevcha vilage, Shumen region.

Located near to the Madara rocks, this project aims to immerse guests in an authentic ethnographic environment, which was characteristic of Bulgaria in Revival period - from the end of 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

This atmosphere includes the introduction to the tourists of the traditional Bulgarian folklore, cuisine, ethnographical and traditional Bulgarian customs and trades and most importantly an opportunity for the tourists themselves to take an active part and receive specific knowledge in such an area of interest...

Visualization of residential building, "Alen mak", Varna

Facade decision and design of facade lighting of residential building, situated on 450 m from the Cabacum beach.

Forthcoming start of the construction works.

Architecture: arch. R. Rashev

Design: arch. P. Kostov

Facade decision of residential building in Sunny Beach resort

Facade design of an apartment complex in Sunny Beach resort.

Aiming rationally utilize the flat roof, we designed winter garden of glass and metal, which after some time can turn into great cafe with amazing view.

The pink color was mandatory requirement from the Client.

Facade design: arch. Peter Kostov

Residential complex

Visualization of residential complex "Manastirite", Priselci village, region of Varna.

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