Monblan Design is a studio for interior design and architecture. We offer complete architectural design, professional architectural visualizations, interior design, author's control and are committed to the full work process from the preliminary visualization of your idea to its formation into a final working project and its realization. Our main goal is to create a complete end product, representing a synthesis of technologies, interactive communication, personal style, clear and accessible content and distinctive design.

Studio Monblan Design has state-of-the-art software products for computer graphics, three-dimensional modeling and computer animation, as well as high-performance workstations and digital equipment. In this way the photorealistic quality of the three-dimensional visualizations, so desired by all, is achieved. You have the opportunity at the conceptual stage to view the project from all aspects and change it in detail, both color and geometry, to make sure that it meets your ideas. This applies in full force to both architectural visualizations and interior design visualizations.

Our team of specialists guarantees you an excellent end product based on many years of experience in the fields of architectural design and interior design. You will receive a comprehensive service - from the study of the terrain, the supply of the necessary documentation to start the design, through the conceptual and detailed design and construction permit, to the last stage - the interior design and overall implementation.

"Our team of professionals will guarantee you an excellent end product."
Arch. Peter Kostov


  • арх. Петър Костов

    Arch. Peter Kostov

    Team leader
  • Сивия Дончева

    Silvia Doncheva

    Interior designer
  • Йордан Йорданов

    Yordan Yordanov

  • Петя Василева

    Petya Vasileva

    Interior designer
  • Христина Маринова

    Hristina Marinova

  • Петя Костова

    Petya Kostova