1. Working meeting of the site with a representative of the contracting authority to clarify details about the project, preparation of a clear and correct assignment, signing a contract for interior design.

2. Imaging with professional laser equipment the actual dimensions of the existing premises, architectural elements, existing ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc. details concerning the interior design.

3. Preparation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital model of the areas with the real / existing / dimensions, with applied elements from the building installation, which are preserved.

4. Preparation of sample conceptual distributions in two-dimensional plan and their coordination with the contracting authority by zones and functions, specification of possible corrections in electrical installations and plumbing, specification of flooring, wall coverings, soffits, air conditioning and ventilation systems, low-voltage installations, etc.

5. Preparation of a three-dimensional interior project with a photorealistic vision and conversation with the contracting authority for possible color combinations between existing materials on the market, examination of samples, specification of upholstered and cabinet furniture, specification of all specific details and materials.

6. Completion of the interior design - color images presented on digital or paper media; construction drawings with dimensions and details, specification of materials, quantitative accounts.

7. Submission of architectural substrates in accordance with the approved interior to the subcontractors.

8. Coordination of subcontractors and author control.


At the request of the assignor we can also offer management during the completion of the project or complete realization of the project by MONBLANE DESIGN

The final price for professional interior design depends on the specific project and for each site it is strictly individual. The same applies to the deadlines. Clarification regarding the prices and the term of implementation is made after providing the necessary information - architectural pads, sketches, sizes, focus on interior style and correct assignment.
The initial on-site conversation in our office is recommended.