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Shoe store, Sofia

Interior design of a shoe store in a mall in the capital. The premises width is 5.4m, length 20m, from which was separated 3m for storage area. Pallets will be used for decoration and visual decreasing the height which is 5.5m.

Detailed design in parts: Architecture, Electrical, HVAC, Fire safety, Safety and health plan.

Design: arch.Peter Kostov

Dental studio in Varna

Dental offices in "Briz" district, city of Varna

The design task was to redistribute one dwelling into several smaller premises for dental offices, and to differentiate reception and open place for conference (lecture) room.

Construction works are already finished. Forthcoming the installation of furniture and tiling.

Design: arch.Peter Kostov

Corporate interior design of centers for tires of retail chain PRIMEX

Corporate interior design of PRIMEX showroom for tires in the city of Dobrich

Conception and design: architect Peter Kostov

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