1. Working meeting with the contracting authority to specify the task and prepare an offer for architectural design.

2. Provision by the contracting authority of all the necessary documents needed for the start of the architectural design.

3. Preparation of conceptual architectural project.

4. Working discussion with the contracting authority to make possible corrections and changes in the initial concept. Specification of details and construction materials.

5. Completion of the conceptual phase project. Working meeting with the contractor to review the project in 3D, clarify facade materials, colors, cladding, specific elements, etc.

6. Presentation to the contracting authority of all necessary materials for approval of the conceptual design – detailed layouts, accompanied by color images of facades, perspective views, specific details, situation, etc.

7. Approval of the conceptual project by the contracting authority.

8. Preparation of a working architectural project with included 3D visualization of the building.

9. Delivery to the contracting authority of the complete documentation of the work project.

At the request of the contracting authority producing professional photorealistic images suitable for printing on billboards, magazine publications, catalogs, etc. media. They include the real environment, vertical layout, landscaping, adjacent existing terrain, characters in various poses, vehicles, street lighting, road markings, etc. elements of the urban infrastructure, giving a realistic look to the overall composition.