Interior design

Интериор варна

Home is much more than the 4 walls you live between.

Interior design is very important to create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere! It is much more than interiors and making emotional purchases of furniture, accessories and decorations.

It is the reflection of your individuality and idea of beauty and style. In it, you can collect not only all your ideas and belongings, but also many emotions and shared moments.

We at Monblan Design specialize in interior design. It is important for us not only to understand your ideas and needs, but also to recreate them in the best possible way!

Interior design is synonymous with your passion for life. On your vision of a comfortable and cozy home. For someone, the interior design is a combination of unique colors, shapes and furniture – a real explosion.

While for others it brings the breath of nature and fills the space with a lot of peace and functionality. And what would you bet on? Maybe you are fans of the minimalist style? Or do you prefer something more distinctive and daring?

Before contacting us for interior design, it is IMPORTANT that you are aware of your budget and have the necessary time to devote to the project.

Project preparation involves a lot of planning and work. You have to be aware and know the space you have. Knowing which elements you want to keep and exactly what you want to change.

Another important point is to be able to explain in maximum detail to our designers what your dream interior looks like. Don’t skimp on the details! Familiarize us with the features of the rooms, show us sketches and photos of your apartment

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Interior design
Interior design