Single-family house, St. St. Nikola, Varna

The building, with a total built-up area of ​​480 square meters, is located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Varna, amidst rich vegetation and a wonderful view of the sea.

It consists of three bedrooms, a guest room, a living room, a wide entrance hall with overhead lighting, a portmanteau, a guest WC and auxiliary rooms - a gym, a sauna, a laundry room and a boiler room, a garage for two cars.

Visually, the building forms two main architectural volumes with flat roofs, with the southern roof brought forward so that in the summer months it protects the rooms from the sun's rays, and in the winter, when the sun is low, there is direct sunlight in the rooms. We calculated the exact take-off using astronomy. Because of this, in terms of parameters, the building approaches the so-called "passive buildings" and save energy in both heating and cooling, which in turn are solved with a single heat pump installation and coils buried in the ground.

Part of the facade is lined with HPL, imitating wood veneer and at the same time the best solution for the high humidity of the air near the sea. The water pipes are built into the thermal insulation, and at the same time they are provided with electric heaters, so that they do not freeze on cold winter days.

The visor above the central entrance and the garage is an element of the architectural composition and performs two functions – it protects the entrance area from rain and snow and contributes to the volume-spatial vision from the street level, from the perspective of which the building itself looks quite low.

The 10-meter unevenness of the terrain provoked us to develop the distribution on several half-levels, while at the same time ensuring the wonderful view of the sea for each of the living quarters.

Architecture and interior: The interior design and architecture studio team Monblan Design.

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