Architectural design

Архитектурно проектиране

Architectural design for your wildest dreams with the Monblan Design team.

We are not just another interior design and architecture studio that you will find on the Internet.

We are a team of professionals who are inspired by the world around us, by nature – with its various colors and shapes.

We refract your wishes through our prism of harmony, balance and beauty. In architectural design, we first start with the survey.

We carefully study the size of the pitch, its location, aura and feel, as well as the smallest details that will have an impact on the final result.

After we have familiarized ourselves with them, we proceed with the next stage. Here we pay attention not only to the layout, but also to how the building will look in space, its shape, size and location.

The next step at architectural design is to determine the materials and colors that will be involved in the construction of facades, roofs, alleys, fences, etc.

We do not fail to pay attention to the small details, without which our architectural design will look unfinished.

Of course, during the architectural design we maintain constant contact with our clients. So you can be a part of the whole process and make sure that with us you will get the best quality of design, as well as the implementation of the project itself.

Why are we sure that we will be useful? Our team has many years of experience in architectural design. Our architects work for YOU and put all their knowledge, experience and passion into preparing your projects.

Don’t wait any longer! Take the first step towards realizing your dreams TODAY! Contact us by phone: +359 875 114 763

Архитектурно проектиране
Архитектурно проектиране