To start construction, you need an approved project, which includes various project parts and documents.

One of the most important documents is the design visa or a sample of the current PUP. It is required through a completed form in the relevant municipality and is issued by the chief or district architect.

To issue you a visa, you will need a copy of a notarial deed, an up-to-date cadastral sketch of the property (can be obtained from the cadastre office), notarized consent of co-owners in case of co-ownership.

The visa for design gives the architect a clear idea about the normative indicators – building height, type of building, building density, intensity factor, percentage of landscaping, distances, building line, etc.

The architect will also need a tachymetric survey of the property, which is carried out by a surveyor. This is an electronic drawing that indicates the actual boundaries of the property, the elevation of the terrain, existing buildings, shafts, wells, trees, etc.

The design visa and the tachometric photograph are needed by the architect to start work on the concept project.

To start construction, you need an approved project, which includes various project parts and documents:

1. Copy of ownership document.
2. Current cadastral sketch.
3. Design visa agreed with the operating companies (Energy and Waterworks).
4. Preliminary contracts with the operating companies (Energy and Waterworks).
5. Project documentation from investment projects.

Project documentation for different categories of objects is different. For a single-family house, for example, projects are needed in part Architecture, part Constructions, part Geodesy, part Electrical. installations, part plumbing, part fire safety, part landscaping, part HVAC, energy efficiency report, geological report.

All this is included in the municipality and if the projects and documents are in order, you will be issued a building permit. The building permit has a statute of limitations – within 3 years you must start construction, within 5 years you must have completed the rough construction. If this deadline is not met, it can be recertified, but only once.

Designing is divided into several phases: conceptual design phase, technical design phase and working design phase. The idea phase is conceptual in nature. It explores the possibilities of the investment intention related to construction.

The vision and volumes of the building, the approximate square footage, the location of the building on the plot, the building materials, the functional solution, the area of ​​the premises, the height of the floors, etc. are determined.

The technical project also specifies supplement all project decisions and questions from the concept project. A situational solution is presented, distributions of all floors with applied furniture and specific details, all sizes and elevations, roof lines, facades with materials used, sections with applied heights, etc. are depicted. The technical architectural design is an integral part of the documents required for the issuance of a building permit.

The working design largely overlaps with the technical design, but it can be said that it is much more detailed and with more details that can serve as a direct order of business for bidding and production.
A technical design is needed to issue a building permit.

Quality 3D visualization gives you the opportunity to look into the future – to get to know the final result of your project in detail, even before the construction and/or finishing works have started.

Through visualizations from different angles, one can feel the atmosphere of the future project, select the appropriate colors and materials, check how the new project fits into the existing environment and infrastructure.
Architectural visualization is not mandatory for issuing a building permit.

However, it is an excellent tool for a stylish and professional presentation of your projects. It also saves you those additional financial costs that result from experimenting with different materials and wasted time talking to the wrong sales representatives.

At Monblan Design, designers and architects work with full planning legal capacity, issued by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

This legal capacity allows us to design buildings of any type without height and square footage restrictions.

We can design residential, industrial and public buildings, with monolithic, metal, wooden or mixed construction.

With an up-to-date design visa (a sample of an active PUP) and the presence of a tachymetric photo, the conceptual phase design can be started, which, depending on the size of the object, the floor plan and the complexity, can take between 10 and 30 working days.

After approval of the concept phase, a technical architectural project can be started, which takes between 2 weeks and a month. After coordination of the architectural part with the Constructive part, architectural supports are submitted to the other specialties – Electricity, Plumbing, Fire Safety, HVAC, etc.

When all the specialists have completed the projects in their specialties, they are printed according to 3 pcs. folders containing the necessary information for issuing a building permit – drawings, explanatory notes, certificates of legal capacity, insurance.

This takes about another four to five weeks. Thus, within two to three months, all the necessary projects for issuing a building permit can be prepared.