Interior renovation of a bank branch, Expressbank in Varna

This project aims to renovate the interior of the central branch of Expressbank - Varna, without changing the structure of the building, and no extensions or significant reconstructions are forseen. As you know, the building was built in the 1980s for the needs of the BNB. The building itself is an architectural jewel and the appearance is preserved.

The designed area of the building is the main lobby and existing cash salons on two levels, which are being renovated with a modern look and materials.

The project includes a main lobby and a money lounge on the 1st floor (elevation ± 0.00) and a lobby and a trade lounge on the 2nd floor (elevation +3.90) with a total area of over 900 sq.m. The main existing flooring is made of natural granite, which will be preserved for the most part, and part of it will be replaced with carpet flooring on a platform.

The existing suspended ceiling will be replaced with a stretch vinyl ceiling.

It is planned to replace the building installations - HVAC, electrical installations and low-current installations, as well as to replace all the lighting with new ones (LED).

The existing brass railings on the staircase and at elevation +3.90 will be replaced with new ones made of bent glass with a "spider" type fastening system.

There are areas with sofas for waiting on the first and second floor, and in the main lobby is installed ATM.

The existing decorative wall behind the staircase will be replaced with a new green wall of natural plants and drip irrigation.

All interior doors, entrance doors of the central lobby, as well as the windows of the external walls are being replaced.

It is planned to clean the existing transparent polycarbonate dome and replace the fire skylight located at the top of the dome.

Interior design: arch. Petar Kostov