The individual elements in the interior determine the overall mood and atmosphere in the home. That’s why choosing the right colors and materials is crucial when creating it. The modern ones color palettes are full of bold and bold combinations that give a whole new look to any home.

The world of design is constantly evolving, creating new trends to amaze customers. Interiors today strive to seamlessly integrate with consumers, regardless of their style tastes. Sustainable materials that comply with ecological standards are in fashion. Innovative solutions of modern design also include vinyl, wallpaper, a combination of wood, leather and many others.

Съвременните материали в интериорния дизайн

3D wall panels

An innovative way to transform the interior is to use 3D wall panels. These materials are analogous to the decorative elements made of plaster that were used in ancient Egypt. Today, they are an alternative for an up-to-date design that fits perfectly in any room and can be customized for different styles.

Decorative 3D panels are a wonderful accent that gives individual character to the room. They are practical and can achieve a flawless look on a wall with defects. They are easy to install and maintain, and are the perfect long-lasting solution for your home.

Decorative bricks

They are a special type of interior tiles with a thickness of about 2 cm. This allows wall decoration without large losses of space. They come in different sizes, colors and textures as well as a variety of designs to create the perfect space for you. This style is most often applied in lofts, grunge style and high-tech homes.

Съвременните материали в интериорния дизайн


They are back in vogue again, bringing a new reading to old material. Wallpaper has always been a means by which you can create unique and personalized interior solutions. Today, you can bring them into your home and create endless designs in both traditional and modern styles.


Vinyl wraps are also making a comeback. Originally their strength was their durability, but today they offer a variety of finishes, colors and textures. They are quick to install and extremely easy to maintain. They can also be used in wet rooms and provide temperature control in the home – keeping warm in the winter and providing coolness in the warmer months.


All these qualities once again make vinyl a favorite material in interior design. It allows various combinations and can be used in any environment.

A combination of wood

Different types of wood are used for different purposes in the interior. One of the common and widely used for indoor flooring is hardwood – red oak, American cherry, walnut, etc. It is timeless and offers greater durability than other flooring. It goes with any style. If you are a fan of the traditional style, you can use mahogany, walnut and oak, and if you prefer a modern style – maple and tiger wood combine well.


Widely used as an architectural building material, concrete is also gaining importance in interior design due to its versatile nature. Its “rugged” and rugged appearance offers high durability and strength in various weather conditions. It is a tried and tested medium and is available for flooring, paneling systems and as an added texture on a variety of surfaces.

Organic materials

Today’s ingenuity is manifested in natural fabrics and organic materials that encourage us to think about greener interior solutions. Besides being better for the planet, natural features can bring warmth and texture. To achieve a greener design scheme, focus on replacing synthetic fabrics in furniture and flooring. Look for sustainable items like rattan, wicker or jute that are equal parts durable and beautiful.

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