The American Color Institute presented its color of the year 2022. He is definitely something never seen before. Very Peri is a brand new shade that Pantone invented from scratch. It is a symbol of the global zeitgeist and the transition we are going through.

Color encourages personal ingenuity and creativity. It also brings warmth and inspiration to the space. It is described by the institute as “a dynamic greenish-blue shade with a vibrant violet-red undertone that combines the sincerity and constancy of blue, as well as the energy and excitement of red.”

Although designated as a blue shade by the Pantone Institute, Very Peri has a purple feel and carries joyful and vibrant rich tones. Color psychology associates purple with spirituality, wealth and enchantment. It is favored by those with a taste for the arts. Different shades of purple can evoke different emotions. For example, lighter violet notes symbolize a meditative state.

The color of 2022 and its applications in interior design

Find the right color palette

Very Peri is great for creating an accent in a room. It is suitable for use on walls if you are looking for bolder solutions this year, but can also be added through upholstered furniture or accessories.

Bring it into your home’s color palette with some unique combinations. This unique tone goes well with white, pink, beige, green. Other shades that pair well with Very Peri are oranges and yellows. They can make the purple color brighter. This creates bold designs in the interior. You can choose the combination with a purple wall and orange or yellow decorative elements.

The color of 2022 and its applications in interior design

Application in interior design

Dark purple suits more luxuriously styled spaces with an emphasis on sophistication and appeal. Very Peri is a bold tone that makes a statement and draws attention.

Interior elements in purple can sometimes go out of the comfort zone, but with a reasonable combination, the space can become a truly stylish, bold and inventive design solution. Using it may seem like a challenge, but by following a few simple rules, you can incorporate this shade into your space without any worries.

  • Accent Wall – Perhaps one of the most popular ways to incorporate Very Peri into your home is to paint an accent wall. It’s a clever way to incorporate a color you like without it dominating the space.
  • Art – What better way to integrate the shade into your home than by choosing a piece of art or a designer accessory in that tone. So you can test how it affects your space, even move it to different rooms as an experiment, making sure you feel confident in your color choice.
  • Combine with blue – If this year you have decided to avoid safe ideas and bet on something more daring, then add blue to the interior. The two shades complement each other and can create unique design solutions.
  • Soft furnishings – You will surely be able to find a new set of chairs or a stylish sofa to introduce the spirit and mood of this rich color. Rich fabrics like velvet enhance the feeling of luxury and elegance and look extremely good in such dark tones. This is a very easy way to incorporate the unique purple into your interior.
  • Accessories – If you want to touch the Very Peri but are still not sure if you want to dedicate your home to it, choose some blue or purple glass accessories and group them together for best effect. For even simpler solutions, look for decorative pillows to bring a touch of color to the living room or bedroom. 

Why go for purple?

It is a color that inspires confidence. It is also suitable for smaller, intimate areas such as the bathroom, laundry room or bedroom. Very Peri brings a sense of calm and after a few difficult years, its cheerfulness symbolizes a sense of freedom. Our thinking is constantly changing and now we are bolder than ever and open to living in the present, so this bold shade will also allow people to enjoy their individuality and all their everyday life.

There are many ways to introduce the hottest color this year, yet they don’t require much effort. Take a look at our ideas for interior solutions that will inspire you for your next change.

The color of 2022 and its applications in interior design