American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was the innovator who discovered kitchen islands in the 1930s. Later, TV chef Julia Child popularized them on her cooking show and in the 80s, kitchen islands became absolutely universal for the sophisticated, contemporary and modern home.

It’s great to have an island in your kitchen – many homeowners dream of it. Functionally, this means more storage options in addition to the cabinets and sometimes even extra cooking space. It’s a great place for kids to spend time with mom while she’s cooking or doing homework.

When furnishing your kitchen, before jumping to the first spectacular option, you should think about your own needs. Do you need more space for products? Do you need to store conveniences like a fridge or microwave inside? Or do you just want an accent to make your kitchen more attractive? Browse through pictures of kitchen islands to discover ideas for decorating, design, color schemes and lighting.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the island is the heart of many kitchens. Next to it you can sip your coffee in the morning, have lunch on foot or gather with your family in the evening. In addition to all this, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your style, to express yourself. The variety of islands is huge – countless unique and beautiful possibilities. It can be dramatic – in a flashy orange, warm and soothing in a variety of wood tones, or painted in a great shade of emerald. Let your imagination run wild with your island!

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