In recent years, every square meter of living space is valuable. Many people in cities have to live in inadequately spacious dwellings. However, the coziness and comfort of people is a must. And while space-saving furniture still commands quite a premium, there’s one often-overlooked interior detail. The mirror. It can add light, spaciousness and a sense of freedom to your home.

Mirrors have been used for many years, being an indispensable accessory in the personal space of ladies. However, interior designers are increasingly boldly experimenting with mirrors to add more:

The mirror that will emphasize a beautiful view.

You have a great view from the window to the mountains. If you add a large mirror in which it is reflected, you will have the view inside the room as well. In addition to the large amount of additional light, you will have another view of all the beauty. You may have a view of the garden, or the porch, or a night view of the city lights… Be creative and highlight the accent that inspired you to buy or build your home.

The mirror that will expand the room.

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, sometimes we have to live closer than we would like. If we use mirrors correctly, they will give us the necessary space and functionality. And in order not to talk about idle talk, I immediately give an example. In the small room, a great and functional option is to design a built-in wardrobe with huge mirrored sliding doors. The mirror will visually increase the space, and behind its doors you can easily organize your belongings and clothes. When the room is not cluttered with things, it also looks bigger.

Огледалата в интериора

The mirror as an accent in the room.

Interior designers know that a mirror is a beautiful accessory for any room. In addition to the advantages described above, the mirror can be well combined with the style of the home. In the modern minimalist design, the mirrors have built-in additional lighting that can be controlled, while the opulent baroque frames can be the centerpiece of any bohemian home. And last but not least, designers use various geometric shapes created by mirrors to accentuate both the respective room and the entire home.

Mirror wall.

In some cases, mirrors are a great idea for decorating an entire wall. Think of the huge glass walls in fitness centers, for example, and in the ballet hall. Besides reflecting us, they manage to hide and divide certain sectors. It is a good idea to combine individual mirror surfaces with wood or ceramics, accentuating individual elements.

In conclusion:
The mirror is the decorator or interior designer’s secret weapon. It is not just a practical object in which to look at the reflection of your face. A beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frames. It’s amazing how adding a mirror can transform your space and turn it into a home, solving any interior dilemma in an instant.